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Jaruguthunnadi Jagannatakam Song Lyrics

Whatever is happening, it is a great universal drama 

it looks like a description of our history... historical epic characters…
but …the inner message of the Bhagavata tactics is a truth about our daily lives….

Whatever is happening… it is a great universal drama…

Matsya Avatar – the Fish
“A great flood/disaster will rise. The earth, which has forgotten the deep roots of ‘Sanatana Dharma’ will get destroyed by it” - A Fish explained, which appeared in front of a ‘dravidian’ king named Satyavratha; helped to preserve the creation; showed a “path” from that disaster; changed the ‘fate of the fate’ (time)

Matsya Avatar – the Fish

Kurma Avatar – the Turtle 
"When you can’t carry the great-task you started …AND… when you are down with no HOPE since expected results are not coming, … do not lose your interest by exposing yourself to the fumes of frustration...… Understand the inner-message (or, secret) from the ‘churning of the ocean of milk’ episode that the Koorma-avataar is none other than the “patience” which can defeat a failure)" Kurma Avatar – the Turtle 

Varaha Avatar : the Boar
The demon who had taken ‘our existence’ (earth) and carried it to the bottom of ocean… were defeated or pierced with his tusks as a … and saved or protected the earth. That great warrior’s roar (after winning a must-win battle)... A shape of a Boar…"  Varaha Avatar – the Boar

Narasimha Avatar : The Lion
Where is he?
Is your God hiding? of fear?

Ask him to come out…
Can he win by fighting with me?
Ask the land on where you are standing…
Ask the water in your pulse…
Ask the fire (warmth) in your blood…
Ask the air in your breath…
Ask the sky / space of your atoms…

"Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space. The Five elements (Pancha bhootaalu) @ human body"

 Join the ‘Man and God’ within-you… i.e., Connect yourself…
Show that you are the Narahari… (God)

"It is the narration of Narasimhavathara. Purpose of Narasimhavathara is explained in those lines. 

You see, when somebody is strong, powerful and cruel, starts questioning everybody with a lot of ego and very strongly believes that only he is correct and everybody is wrong. Since he is strong and powerful, he makes the life of all others miserable. 

This is what the personification of hiranyakasyapa is. Since he believes that he is strongest in the world, he wants to challenge even god to prove his supremacy over god. That’s why he questions Prahlada where is your Hari. 

Prahlada quietly replies that Hari is all pervasive, . Then hiranyakasyapa questions prahlada, can you show your hari in this pillar. prahlada says yes why not and when hiranya kasyapa breaks the pillar hari emerges in the form of nara mriga sareera, ie, half man and a half mriga, simha lion. "  Narasimha Avatar

Vamana Avatar – the Dwarf 
Immeasurable (no bounds), unimaginable and endless universe…

That universe’s minute / tiny form is this human form…
Thinking that this tiny or minute human form can only occupy a small place is just an illusion…

Because, this tiny human form which is Thrivikrma or Vamana, can expand and can measure three universes with his three steps.  Vamana Avatar – the Dwarf 

~ ~ 
Whatever is happening…. it is a great universal drama…
whatever is happening … it is a great universal drama… world itself is a drama…

Parashu Rama Avatar

When sins or ‘Adharma’ grown like a tree, unbearable for the earth and don’t allow the Dharma to grow… Parashu means Axe. The Rama (means Lord Vishnu) with an Axe (to cut the Adhrama-tree), with the strength of Bhima (to bring out the roots of the Adharma-tree) came and stand as an angry idol of Dharma... And that Brahmin-warrior-ness is Bhargava...  Parashu Rama or Bhargava Rama

Rama Avatar
Being without any magic, illusions, unbelievable secrets… being born as human and lived as a human; one’s life can be remained on earth as cherished… To prove that it is possible, Lord of the Lord himself came to earth as Rama…  Rama Avatar

Krishna Avatar
You can see yourself in a complete new manner in many more ways, and in many more epic roles (characters) through a knowledge-mirror, which is Krishna-avataaram… and it is the time of ascending scale of the universe.  Krishna Avatar

:) : ) 
:) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) :) : ) 

(The Ashta Siddis and the Viswaroopam (God) with-in you) 

Animaga… Mahimaga… Garimaga…. Lakhimaga… Praptigaa….
Pragamyavartiga… Eesatvammuga… Vasitvammuga 

These 8 powers are called as Ashta Siddi powers… which are obtainable by meditation, control of the senses, etc. All the Ashta Siddhis are present inside every human body inequal means which all are being generated by ‘Mind Powers’ itself.

1. ANIMA: Reducing one’s body even to the size of an atom
2. MAHIMA: Expanding one’s body to an infinitely large size
3. GARIMA: Becoming infinitely heavy
4. LAGHIMA: Becoming almost weightless
5. PRAPTIKA: Having unrestricted access to all places
6. PRAKAMYA: Realizing whatever one desires
7. ISITVA: Possessing absolute lordship
8. VASITVA: The power to subjugate all
When you recognize these eight siddhis in you... You will see viswaroopam within you

If you notice that person with-in you…
If you bow your head, join your hands and become a student…
You are your own guru, who will end your grief.. 

(And, that is the essence or inner-truth of Bhagavata tactics)

Vandhe krishnam jagadgurum
Vandhe krishnam jagadgurum
Krishnam vandhe jagadgurum
Krishnam vandhe jagadgurum
Vandhe krishnam jagadgurum
Vandhe krishnam jagadgurum
Krishnam vandhe jagadgurum
Krishnam vandhe jagadgurum

Oh Krishna, the guru of the universe… Namasthe…!!


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